Thursday, 5 September 2013

R.Patz for Dior Homme

This is gonna be a really quick post today, I just want to write a quick paragraph about the Dior Homme fragrance commercial. The 1 minute 46 second video was released on September 1st and has gone viral with over 4 million views. To be honest I personally think the commercial is something that's become very overrated, although I have recently just gained some respect for fake-vampire turned serious actor R-Patz. About a week before the release of the commercial, screen-shots were constantly being publicised by the fashion press. The screen-shots themselves actually seemed pretty interesting but when the full commercial was released, I watched it through but... I felt that something wasn't quite right. And why is it the "uncensored" version? There was nothing to censor. The story is kinda loose and not immensely interesting, and there was way too many unnecessary location changes. Crashing some sort of posh event attended by lots of old people and jumping into a swimming pool? Such a cliche! The soundtrack doesn't fit too bad with this type of video though. I'm not familiar with director Romain Gavras' work but I have seen M.I.A's "Born Free" and "Bad girls" music videos, both are extremely different from Dior campaigns. Oops, think I've droned on for too long now. To sum up, it's a bit boring but not bad to look at. 


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