Saturday, 7 September 2013

New York Fashion Week - Pick of the day

New York Fashion week started right? Woohoo, more delicious designer eye candy that I can't afford ha. This is a great chance for me to discover some great designers that I don't know about yet. I thought I'd just pick out a different label to talk about everyday while fashion week is going on. 
Today, the label is Honor which I know nothing about so I researched a little bit. The label was started by Giovanna Randall, who was once an opera singer. The label has been praised by the press ever since it started in 2010 and has been seen on many IT girls. The brand emphasises strong feminine silhouettes,
delicate detailing and use wonderful fabrics which no doubt you will notice. Their latest collection strongly shows all these things. 
There is a very cutsey, girly feel about the collection that I personally love. Give me some coloured lace and I'm on board! The colour palette is very summery with some twists on classic prints. And those slightly oversized pointy collars! 

They have an interesting little fashion film.

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  1. Those are great picks! Love the pointed shoes :)



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