Monday, 12 August 2013

Seeing spots

Dear wonderful reader,

Today I would like to share some outfit ideas based around polka-dot shoes! Can I get a woop? Remember these are purely just ideas, not "How to wear this and that". I don't believe there being definitely ways to wear whatever. 

The first pair of shoes that I styled is these orange high-top, slight flatforms that I got in China last month. I haven't even worn these yet actually, that's why they're nice and clean still. 

The second pair of shoes that I put outfits together for is these lime-green ones, these are originally from House of Holland and Superga but I got mine in TKmaxx where they're like half the price so yeaaa. 

For each pair, I put together one "simple" outfit and one more colourful one. 

 The simple outfit consists of high-waisted denim shorts(from Topshop), sleeveless ruffled blouse (from Urban Outfitters). The outfit is perfect for effortless chic and the summer. You can also switch the shorts for a denim skirt if that tickles your fancy. 
If you are in the mood for standing out, a more colourful outfit would be to clash the patterns and colours. I personally think the blue and orange go pretty well together. The shirt dress is made by yours truly. I also think simple patterns will be better together rather than say clashing dots with florals. 

 Pastels pretty much go with anything: dark colours, other pastels. It creates a very sweet look. To include pastels in a more grown-up look, style with darker colours. This outfit consists of a circle vest dress that my cousin gave me and a navy cardigan from Zara for colder days. I know it does have a questionable elbow patch ha.

The last outfit is actually not massively colourful but does have 3 clashing patterns. There is a calf-length carrot shaped skirt that I wear a lot (it just goes with everything and I love it) and a cropped striped vest that I made. I know that 3 different patterns might be too ott, but it's a lot more subtle in darker colours.

Riiight, that's all for today. Hopefully you got some good ideas... byeee! 

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