Monday, 19 August 2013

Papaya and banana milk, yum!

I had a million things to do this morning, and on top of that I also had to take my car to get a tyre changed, argh. But finally now all that is done, I can get a little time to blog. I just remembered that we actually had a juicer the other day and decided to start making some fresh juice for once. I'd like to share my latest juice concoction, it's mega simple:

The main ingredient is papaya which has some fantastic health benefits: 

  1. contains antioxidants
  2. contains high amounts of vitamin C and A
  3. prevents premature ageing! 
  4. prevents heart attacks and stroke
  5. great for your skin and hair
  6. and rumour has it that it will make your boobs bigger, hahaha.

1 papaya(I used the smaller kind but I know you can get those massive ones too)
1 banana(very ripe)
1 or 2 small glasses of milk
This will make at least 2 very big glasses.

Cut up the banana, then papaya into chunks.

Put fruit into the blender and add milk

Blend and boom! Enjoy.


  1. So yummie! *Q*
    Great post!

  2. Looks amazing :)


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