Friday, 16 August 2013

A little tip...

People probably already know this already but it's a new discovery for me, so I'm gonna talk about it. It's just a little tip for cleaning your earrings. Piercings needs to be kept clean, especially if they're new or newish and your earring definitely need to be kept clean if you would like to keep them for years to come. I got my ears pierced fairly late in life when I was 19, now I barely wear them any more, just once in a while so the holes don't totally close up. Anyhoo, onto the main point...

First you need a bottle of antiseptic liquid or rubbing alcohol or something similar, nothing too strong mind. You can use vodka if you want but I think that's a waste of perfectly good alcohol!
I'm using Boots' own brand, there's also Dettol and stuff but I think their own brand would work just as well. 

Take your earrings

Next, grab a cotton pad/ball or whatever you can find and pour some antiseptic onto it. It actually smells quite nice, like mouthwash.

And just clean away! 

And you will have yourself some damn clean, germ-free earrings.

Ps, I don't know if you can use antiseptic on gold. Though I think silver-plated is fine. 


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