Monday, 2 July 2012

Diary of a Fashion Intern - Chapter 7

I actually had a relatively good day at work today hahaha. Didn't ever think I'd ever write that. I was at the manufacture's today to pick up a massive amount of garments cause the boss didn't want to waste money on getting a taxi to pick them up. The man at the manufacture's saw that this was way too much work for a girl to do and phoned up my boss and complained to her and kept telling her to send a taxi but she strongly refused. He also said we were meant to be there to learn not to be slaves. I really wanted to cry at that point cause someone actually understood and it was the first time someone genuinely cared about me on this entire internship. I then had a moan to him about how crap we get treated and it was obvious he's already seen many interns treated the same way but it's just the way things are...
I really love fashion and it's the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life but I don't think I can because of the people in the industry. Weren't they interns once themselves? Did they think getting treated like this was justifiable? Turns out those stereotypes about the people and the industry are pretty accurate but not in a funny, mocking, rom-com sort of way. 

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