Sunday, 17 June 2012

Diary of a Fashion Intern- Chapter 1

Sooo, uni's finished for another year and I'm doing a little intern work! Woop right? mmm... still deciding on that one. But I'm not saying who I am interning for hahaha. I've started work for a few days now and I can tell you it's been no picnic. This isn't my first internship but this is been the most demanding one to date I think and I've only just started. For those of you who have done internships already, you will probably know this industry isn't at all the glamorous and shallow image it is usually given. And I put emphasis on the AT ALL. 
When I first walked into the office, the girl who was "in charge of interns" didn't bother to introduce me to everyone at the company or even shown me around the damn place. This I think it's pretty appalling, cause I know it I was at some other place that wasn't in the fashion industry, I probably would have been treated better.
Anyways to conclude, the people at the office are alright. Sometimes. When they can even remember your name that is. But you can really tell they're, how do I put this? Snobby? Uptight? The most RIDICULOUS task( and I did quite a few) I've had so far was to deliver a couple of personal letters for one of the employees (I knew it was personal because it said DAD on the front). It's like come on, get off your tiny ass and walk 5 minutes to the post it yourself! 
I'll be hoping this internship will get better soon with all my might! 

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