Monday, 19 March 2012

Fashion is a sporting affair

I finallly have some time now for a new post! I have some time out from course work to blog! wooo... I didn't know what to write about actually but then it occurred to me to write about this cause I have liked this for a long time! It's Jeremy Scott's collection for Adidas! Now, I'm not some chav from "the hood" but I loves Jeremy Scott, anything he does is so quirky and exciting and fun. You would never catch me in a tracksuit EVER and the only sport I do is walking up the hill to my flat, but I would wear these clothes outside on a normal day but of course, I'd have to be able to afford it first. The only trainers/sneakers I wear are Converse but the winged shoes he had really caught my eye when they first hit the markets. Here's some pix from the latest.
Jukebox dress. cuuute!


Loving the coat-tails! I love anything with tails though

Kpop girl group 2ne1Je and models of Jeremy Scott in Korea. Notice the winged shoes?


  1. I am obsessed with Jeremy Scott. He is such a brilliant designer. Those shoes are so amazing. If only I could afford...

  2. I totally agree! Jeremy Scott always has these fun, quirky designs.. I loooove these pieces!!!

    Kisses! xxx


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