Friday, 3 February 2012

LV Love

I'm really beginning to get into this blogging thing now, but maybe it's just to delay the doing of coursework... I have added a cute pic on the title of my blog yay! hahaha. 
Anyhoo, I wanted to show you one of my adventures now, I was back in my homeland China the summer of 2011 and I went to a wonderful exhibition of Louis Vuitton at The National Museum of China in Beijing. That place was massive, it's a great place to go on a hot summer's day  cause you can spend a whole day in an air conditioned haven. The inside of that gallery was gorgeous, white glass floors with light shone through. Each trunk had its own glass case protecting it, you can see it in the 4th pic. My camera's kinda crappy and it doesn't do justice to the actual room. 

Outside of the building
Security was tighter than the airport's, I couldn't even take water in.

Wow, some lucky kid had this???

I didn't know skateboard trunks existed!

This is a specially made trunk for Damien Hirst for his medicine bottles. Seriously.

I love this.

For Miss France at that time.

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