Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's almost 11pm now, I'm drinking hot chocolate. It's a tad past my normal bedtime and I'm sleepy, but due to my class schedule tomorrow, I will allow myself to stay up to write this. My current uni project has reminded my of this collection by Giles from Spring 12. This collection was inspired by The Silver Swan from the Bowes Museum near to where Giles Deacon grew up. Just how much do you love laser-cut leather? It looks so amazingly delicate. I'm beginning to think silver doesn't have to be tacky.  I don't know if Giles did this on purpose but the cut patterns and esp on the last 2 dresses are reminiscent of Chinese paper cuts. Did he mean to steal my culture? I kid, I kid. zzz...


  1. Hey Rachel

    Thank you for following my blog and directing me to yours. It is a wonderful blog and I have become a follower too :)

    Great post! I love digital prints and laser cut gowns. And i love red!!!

    Luc X

  2. Probably one of my favourite collections from this season!!



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