Monday, 16 January 2012

It's a Love Story

New post time! I was just messing about on the internet tonight and I came across a couple of 70s styled labels! I don't really know why I love the 70s clothing right now, but then again my taste in fashion changes hourly... These collections reminds me of the wardrobe of Love Story but... better! So chic is what they are. This is one of the moments I wish I was born in the 70s.

The coats of Carven is now on my very very long wishlist. this is their website, go to their store locator to find a shop you'd like to visit. They have stores in most major cities in the uk. Their colour palette has both brights and dims. I really love their subtle details on the garments. 

The second label is Nanette Lepore, so bright innit? Me loves! I've also developed a love for leather skirts lately, something I  used to really haaate! I love the digital prints and the wide leg purple trousers and the styling! Here's a link to their website


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  2. I actually really love that coat its amazing!
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  3. Such lovely collections! They are beautiful

  4. awwh i love the orange skirt!! AMAZEE

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